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Monday, April 23, 2018

Gal*Gun 2 Review: Shoot...There's Nothing Really Appropriate To Joke Title This

by Jonathan Bilski

Let's suck off some clothes and a shoot girls with love! It's time we talked about Gal*Gun 2. Yes, it's that Japanese shooter that has you " shooting" girls to a point of ecstasy that knocks them out. Gal*Gun 2 is like any other game where some ditzy angel has tricked you into wearing a pair of VR goggles and given you a weird gun that takes ladies clothes off. Oh, wait that doesn't happen very often. That is what happens in this game. And at the same time you can try and fall in love with some of ladies in your story. From you childhood friend to the nerdy tan girl next door to probably the angel who gave you your ridiculous gear  in the first place, you're trying to find a love connection with all of them.

Yes, there's a story or multiple stories in this on rails shooter. The real story has you trying to help an angel protect your school from demons, in particular a really cute.if you don't the angel your helping will lose her job with Heaven. Yes, the Japanese have made Heaven a business and a bureaucracy, why wouldn't they. That really doesn't affect you shooting girls in the game to make them go "Oohhhhhh!," it just adds for some not needed plot. You"ll be facing this evil, a little demon girl who adds Hell to every sentence at your school.
You have an entire school campus from the gym, library and even the showers to make these girls not smother you to death with love. That's why you are shooting them, so they can't have you. You shoot so that they can that either has them with their clothes removed or reaching a level of love that has them lying on the floor. So you'll be jumping around to different positions as cute girls pop out of everywhere in school. You"ll be hiding in some spots that may seem pervy, but you have to save the school. You just have to.

These girls do have powers. They can actually hurt you with love as your eyesight get filled with more pink the more damage you take. Girls can spout out love words in Japanese that you need to shoot down. There are cute little demons you've got to shoot off girls at various spots and you can't let them get too close or the might give you a love letter that gives you a lot of love damage. Oh, my heart and not in the way of cholesterol.
Each mission  has you jutting around school shooting wave after wave of lovely ladies and eventually you"ll earn the power for your gun to suck up little demons and girls clothing. You can't suck forever, but you can suck up a lot of clothes and have girls fall on their asses and try and cover themselves up. Take picture with you PS4 share button.

Now, I'm a fan of the series. I even went to the Gal*Gun panel at Anime Expo a few years back and the promises of that panel have fallen flat. Unlike the girls in this new game. We didn't get the ability to scan pictures so panties would be the pattern or color we wanted and though the main protagonist is wearing VR goggles, there no mode for that with the PSVR. I'm just saying, their could have been some more improvements to the game and some VR looking up skirts.

There's other pieces to the game than the main mission, extras like meeting up with girls you rescue from missions and sucking out their demons in a sexy time zone. Taking photos of the girl you're trying to hook up with. Earning candy a decor. You can give candy to girls your interested in and can decorate your room to look more like an anime fan.

Bringing back the feature if your Mom walks in, is an old school style RPG screen, it doesn't look like your sucking girls clothes off with a vacuum gun, but are simply playing an old style dating sim with nothing that dirty happening. Just press down on the touch button during gameplay (for PS4) and you'll not look like a perv in front of friends and family.

If you need a game where you want to hear the moans of young women who need your help so you shoot them to help them-Oh, so Japanese-then this is the game for you. Gal*Gun 2 doesn't re-invent the wheel on bizarre shooters from Japan, it does continue in the same strange group of being another weird dating sim. Play for some cute girl moaning fun and to try and win over different girls on different playthroughs. Gal*Gun 2 you're as naughty as ever.

Gal*Gun 2 comes out April 24th on Switch and PS4

Game provided by publisher for review purposes.