Thursday, April 26, 2018

Can't Wait To See A Movie Where Gondola to Dodger Stadium Falls

A proposed gondola line that would hang over the 110 to Dodger Stadium is up for Metro approval. It would start at Union Station and allow an alternative way to get to the stadium beyond our clogged... This just in.


We have word that some disgruntled former baseball player has taken over one of the proposed gondolas and says he'll start throwing out hostages unless his demands are met.

Oh, wait it looks like the new drone copters KTLA 5 and many other local news teams have proposed are getting footage of what appears to be a police officer at the top of the gondola.

Shots are being fired through the top of the gondola, but the officer on top has dodged them by the skin of his teeth.

Now the officer is breaking through the glass window and trying to subdue the disgruntled player  whose wielding a baseball bat.

Oh, no! The disgruntle player has a hostage. He's pointing a bat right at our cop hero and signaling he'll drop the hostage with the bat. A young women who could be played by anyone who looks like that she's in her early  20's. There's now a scuffle.

The hostage is safe and the cop and baseball player are now both on top on the gondola fighting each other.

It's swaying as it enters the stadium, but since the Dodgers asked for too much money to be in the film the Angeles are playing.

Oh, the disgruntled player swings at the cop and misses. He missed again. On his third strike he misses and he is out...out of the gondola and a falling to the bases. And he just misses home plate.

Looks like he isn't safe. (wink)

Oh, not, but the proposed gondola isn't going to make it, the disgruntled player's bat made it into the wires up top.

It's coming down!!!

Oh, luckily the Elon Musk invited inflatables are puffing up. Looks like they fell into the stands, but everyone made it out safe. Except for that disgruntled baseball player.

via LA Times