Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Game Hype: Minit, Chuchel & Penny-Punching Princess Reviews

by Jonathan Bilski

Minit Review
We've been waiting on this cute little game that looks a Tamagochi gave birth to a dungeon crawler. Minit is best described as the Legend of Zelda at its most basic level. If you've ever played the original game in the series or anything like it, you've played Minit. That's not a negative statement. It only sets your brain for the nostalgia of questing, finding secrets and exploring. For new players to the genre of old school adventure game, it might be a fun starting point. We haven't even gotten to the cursed bit.

You see, you're a little adventurer cursed by a magic sword. The curse has you dying every 60 seconds or in a minute. Oh, so now you get the games title. Now, you might think it be frustrating, well, it's not. The game gives you just enough time to explore or start figuring out puzzles that it never really puts you in a bad mood. It's a strange element for sure and it works. It keeps you focused on goals and make your mind think out problems on where to go and what to do.

Graphics are also minimalist. This game is 8-bit at best, but it looks so cleverly designed and cute that it's still fun to romp around in. Characters and scenery are at there most condensed form and yet you can still love the black and white world.

There's a story there and it'll take some time for you to figure out the adventure with even more secrets to unlock. We recommend you spending a few minutes of your day playing out Minit.

Minit is Now Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One $9.99 

Chuchel Review

Ahhh, what's happening now? Do I click here, do I click over there. All this over finding a cherry? 

Chuchel is a brand new point-n-click adventure that looks like it escaped the 90's. It stars some sort of a creature that seems like a hobo with a tiny hat and an annoying mouse like creature. That hobo is Chuchel, the mouse creature is never given a name.

After Chuchel's cherry gets stolen-it's almost the size of Chuchel- by some sort of giant gorilla hand you'll dive into the ancient world of figuring out what the Hell to do. It's puzzle solving time and the puzzles are weird.

Chuchel's look and feel are best described as European. It has a feeling of a bizarre animated piece you might find late night on cable or hidden on YouTube. In a truly strange fashion, once a puzzle is solved the Chuchel logo appears, like, oh, it's the end of that episode. It's like someone at the end of sitcom going, " Chuchel is so crazy."

Puzzles, always strange and colorful, differed one after the other building a sort of dream world only European animation would think wouldn't give  children nightmares.

Chuchel just wasn't our fancy. It's humor is more surreal and just not a style we could get behind. The puzzles will scratch your head. So, if you're into that, maybe this is more up your alley than us.

Chuchel is on Steam$9.99

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

Penny-Punching Princess

Time to smash, dash and payoff some people. In this dungeon brawler you not only can just beat the living tar and un-living tar in some cases of enemies, you can also pay them off. This is an age old story of loan debt, because the Japanese are just so weird with what they put into stories for video games. So you're Dad, the King, lost all the money of his kingdom from some loan sharks, dragons to be more exact on the species. Now you are fighting back against these dragons by bringing the fight to them by beating up their minions and getting there loot.

The main characteristic and it takes a little getting use to, that sets this game apart, is the popping up of a calculator. Yes, you"ll have to use it to payoff hench-man so they then work for you. You can summon them for attacks once you paid them off in-battle. This payoff system also works on traps and healing spots.

It's a strange idea that makes you want to kill as many people on screen to earn enough coin to pay some of them off. And they don't stay around as long as other enemies. It's more like you've bought them as a short summons. We thought the traps, which can kill and do a lot more damage is the best place to spend your moolah in the midst of battle.

Story wise, let's just say Japan made it weird. We're not that crazy about it and other choices for visuals we felt could have been rendered better.

If you want a new game to master, priced a little lower for you to play on long car trips or when you're stuck somewhere, this game is calling you. Spend a few bucks on this new weird concept or a princess might beat you up.

Penny-Punching Princess is on Switch and PS Vita$39.99

Game provided by publisher for review purposes