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Friday, December 22, 2017

X-Mas Tale or A Christmas Tale It's Still Or Top Christmas Horror Film To Watch This Holiday

The only place you'll be able to catch this sucker is streaming on Amazon. Called X-Mas Tale or A Christmas Tale, depending on the disributor, it's a classic holiday tale taking place in the 80's though it came out in 2005 in Spain as part of a made for TV selection of horror films. Oh, yeah, this is one of those hard to find gems of strange and in the Christmas spirit.

Set around a group of young elementary school kids on holiday break who happen to find Santa trapped in a hole in the woods. The kids at first think Christmas is least for whoever dressed liked Santa. Turns out Santa is still alive and a lady. Things get a little less jovial when it turns out that this lady has also stolen millions. Now the kids want Santa's package and won't get help for this thief until they get the money.

Thus begins a wonderful Christmas adventure of torturing Santa in a hole in the ground. This Santa is marking these kids as naughty. Will lady Santa give in and get out of the hole or will she get some revenge for how badly she was treated?

It's always a good start to a story that the kids and look of the film were some damn fun and entertaining that adding a horror element was just an extra topping. You'll like the cast of kids just like your watching Stranger Things or The Goonies and with the 80's nostalgia heavy in the film, if you're from that era, you'll really get into it.

Strangely enough the lead little girl, Ivana Baquero is the star of Pan's Labyrinth as pointed out by a friend during a Christmas party watching.

Now for those who love horror or the 80's kids film, your set. This has some definite painful moments to see and some wonderful team work and planning, as only little kids can do, with a huge set piece of an abdanoned water park towards the end.

You've seen this film before as it clearly draws from so many 80's and 90's classic, but never with the plot point of an ever angrier growing murderous Santa trapped in a hole by some brats. Santa's not coming down any chimney's, she's coming to get you and your little friends in the abandoned water park with an axe!