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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Better Watch Out Review Christmas Has A New Horror Classic

We've been waiting for this Christmas gift since it was called Safe Neighborhood. Now going for an even greater connection to the snowy holiday, it's called Better Watch Out. It isn't Santa you should be afraid of though. This made in Australia film follows babysitter, Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) and two boys going through puberty Luke (Levi Miller) and Garrett (Ed Oxenbould). Luke is the brains, Garret is like a best friend minion.  And together they have to face some extremely bad circumstances during the holiday season.

The film is a wonderful take on the home alone series, but with a much darker take on how things might happen all in the guise wrapped in wonderful Christmas present for the viewer.

It's Christmas time. The decorations are hung and the snow has left the town in a wonderful white gloss. Ashley is about to leave town for college and stop being the babysitter of Luke, who gets treated like a baby by his parents. Luke doesn't want Ashley to go and is having his best friend Garret, a true nerd kid, help him out to try and convince her that's he's actually old enough for her. He's crushing hard. Plans go astray as the night starts falling apart. Whose at the door and who wants in?

This new Christmas horror classic totally comes from a Home Alone mind set, heck, the characters Luke and Garret even give reference to the movie and the real world consequences of what would happen if you tried stuff from the films. You'll be on edge as you see plans in motion with much grimmer consequences.

Though sometimes fun to see the Australian actors pretend to talk like Americans, most of the film has some great performances, by the two leads. You'll be wondering what Luke will be thinking up next. He needs some awards for what he goes through in the film and the way he reacts. Really, just a kid, you'll always laugh when his voice cracks.

Luke and Garret have a great scene playing the game "Marry, F*ck, Kill" with the girls from Adventure Time, so the dialogue seems believable for people their age and it's pretty funny to hear them discussing tween topics while setting up traps.

There might some deaths and some mischievous fun that'll leave you a gasp as to what will happen next with the same glee you saw Kevin perfecting his trap in the Home Alone movies.

Better Watch Out is the prefect new classic for those who love horror on the holidays.

Better Watch Out is out now streaming and for purchase in a DVD/Blu-ray pack which comes a special edition greeting card.