Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Museum of Illusions Opens Jan 1st

We have another pop-up museum coming to LA to ring in the new year. There really less museums and more of a place to take selfies for your Instagram.

"A visitor to the Museum of Illusions is not a passive observer but a full-fledged participant of the paintings created by the best artists. This is a place where photography is not just encouraged – it is part and parcel of the exhibition. The museum of optical illusions is intended to fill visitors’ photo albums with vivid and unusual photographs. Everyone finds something to their liking here because we tried to cover every topic of interest for the humankind. The Museum of optical illusions opens its doors for the viewers of all ages, without restrictions, and guarantees – no one will feel bored!"

Museum of Illusions
Jan 1- March 2
6753 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
$20 Parking: 1724 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90028