Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We're Really Wasting Time With This? Vegan Meals For Shelter Dogs

In what many would consider a huge waste of time and resources, I mean we almost thought it was from The Onion, comes this wonderful article from the Daily News on how our city will wait sixty days to hear if vegan diets for dogs in our pounds would be okay for them. Right now, with all the current data, the answer is a big NOOOOOOOOO!

"Chief Veterinarian Jeremy Prupas’ board report, citing three clinical nutritionists affiliated with veterinary schools at UC Davis and the University of Pennsylvania along with a shelter medicine specialist and a veterinary toxicologist, wrote that none of them “thought it would be a good idea to feed shelter dogs a vegan diet.”
The article is a great read on the bizarre group of people who could be doing so much more with their lives, but have decided that at this point at time in history with so many other problems we should switch the dog food we give to strays with zero evidence that it would be healthy for them.

 LA will study pros and cons of switching shelter dogs to vegan diets