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Monday, February 20, 2017

Things Not To Do: 5th Annual LA Art Book Fair

If you ever wanted to live in that moment where someone wants to sell you a chair made out of cardboard for $600 then come, come in droves to the never-ending sensation of the eyes of everything that is wrong with art from the way it's treated to the people selling it out of touch with reality.

From art books that have photographs of barns and random naked people on every page to what was blocked out from our minds, we highly recommend forgetting going.

It was such a nauseating experience of some of the worst art and those trying to sell it that it's a ludicrous mess that we despise.

For anyone who enjoys visiting the art galleries around LA to the modern musuems just visit them instead.

5th Annual LA Art Book Fair
Feb 23-26
MOCA in Little Tokyo