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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Lure & The Void Coming Monthly

Two films we were luckily enough to see at film festivals in 2016 are headed to theaters near you. First out, bubbling up this March, The Lure! We thought Drafhouse was going to snag this Polish mermaid man-eater musical, but it went old-school and Janus, the same Janus that snagged Japanese horror House, has it.

And they re-did the poster for the American market as seen above.

You can read our full review and video of a Polish rendition of The Little Mermaid's iconic Part of Your World in Polish. Sufficed to say, we fell in love with the horrible violence and musical numbers.

It'll be opening March 3rd at the following Laemmle's
NoHo 7 
Playhouse 7 
Ahrya Fine Arts 

Coming the month after in April, The Void. Don't avoid The Void. This messed-up masterpiece of practical effects magic is a must see as their is a genuine plot put in with gore blowing out the windows. A hospital may serves as a portal to another place...a bad place.
Read our review here.

The Void is set for an April 7th release.