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Monday, February 27, 2017

Creature Comforts: The Broad

I went with a friend who refereed to the still new to many museum as a lady for the new exhibit it was having. I couldn't stop staring and wanting more from the featured "Creature" exhibit, now until March 19  at The Broad. As any given Saturday the lines were long outside, the Mirror Room was sold out for the day and a giant behemoth was staring at me and I was looking in awe of him.

Well, for a limited time at least. I was looking in awe of Thomas Houseago's "Giant Figure (Cyclops)." The mind wanders of what would happen if the figure came to life. At its height it seems perfect to sit at Robert Therrien's giant table upstairs. That piece up there, something to invoke a sense of childhood in adults and lost nostalgia, now just makes a place for the Cyclops to have dinner. Hope it's not you!

Really, you can see the crowds flocking to the piece while there, just studying and having playful thoughts in their minds. It reminds me of so many past boss fights from video games and mythological stories.

Hard to explain, but still a stunning piece on display is Takashi Murakami's Nurse Ko2. For the anime fan it looks like a life-size model figure made with great detail. For the outsider, you'll see a sexy nurse with wings. To my determination, I can't figure why the piece is part of the exhibit.

 There's more sights to "creatures" that can both can be seen as incredibly grim to stunning. However there's only so much space and only the choices of the curators so not everything may connect with you. When it does though, it's a magical moment to be stalked by whatever creature grabs you.

*The gift shops sells $1,000 skateboards, but can't sell magnets or fun mementos?

Now Until March 19
The Broad
221 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Free, Must Reserve
* You can also wait for entry, but can be as long as two hours
Parking on weekends flat $12