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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Justice League Actions Airs Saturdays at 7:30 AM?

Oh, Jeez, Cartoon Network, why not just let it air on Toonami if you don't care about it.

Yeah, Justice League Action seems to have new episodes come out on Saturdays at 7:30am on Cartoon Network. This would be somewhat amazing if there wasn't a long history of treating new content, especially what's made by WB Animation like garbage.

Justice League Action is that latest incarnation of a WB animation based cartoon series using DC comic properties. This version has a huge roster of villains and heroes and has at least 52-11 minutes episodes.

We've been watching and it's fun super hero show that were amazed WB higher-ups haven't forced to air at a better time, especially with LEGO Batman on the big screen.

At this point WB animation needs to skip Cartoon Network and go straight to Netflix.

Just for some added bonuses on how strange the schedule is for Cartoon Network. Ben 10's new incarnation is due out in April, even though it's been airing finished episodes on CN England for months now. And even sooner, Clarence has a Valentine's Day episode coming out. More news on that soon.