Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The King of Fighters XIV Review Everything Good About Playing A Japanese Fighter

When the narrator, of which there are two, one for me and one for you, says, "G-d-like," after a battle you have a Japanese fighter at its best. A ridiculous fighter with a huge roster all willing to battle it out for no good reason. Yes, there's a story mode; who the Hell cares? This is a game to either master or just take out and show to your friends and say Japan is still crazy.

Giving a pop idol electric powers crazy, check. The rack on Mai has a never-ending Gainax bounce, check. King of Dinosaurs, check. This game checks...out that rack on her. Woah, it's Japan at it's best. Children aren't children so it's okay that they're fighting to the death. They're robots and cyborgs and ninjas and all of them can be on your three person team as narrator's end your fights with saying bizarre statements.

Do I wish the statements  were more bizarre like, "Where's my lunch, someone has stolen it," yes.

In the newest game in the franchise you'll have fifty, count'em, fifty characters to play with and horrendously end long time friend-ships with.

They all have special moves and different ways of fighting. From the long legs of Zarina, from team South America, this beauty dances here way into the fight. If you haven't guessed Zarina and I will be wed...if only in my fantasies. As we study her and uh, the other caharcters we see that each character has their own style to kick-but. Her dancing fight style has her high-kicking to win!

For the technical side of the game you can now do up to three supers and they ain't easy to pull off. So super moves are in their for those willing to really master the game.

For the more casual player the game serves it's purpose of being a visual masterpiece of nonsense on screen with these characters performing strange moves and spouting nonsense as they fight.

The story mode is a thin few movies that will get some laughs at how funny it is, you'll unlock your final two characters if you get through the whole thing.

Backgrounds are good for some laughs. Navajoland looks to be the American midwest with hillbilly gawkers at a truck stop. There's more than expected backgrounds when fighters give you only so many arenas.

The King of Fighters XIV adds to the series of being another sight for the eyes of Japanese bizarre bewilderment. This needs to be at your home so your friends and you can stare out into it and find why Japan is Japan, it's nuts.

The King of Fighters XIV
Out Now On PS4

Reviewer was provided game by publisher for review purposes.