Friday, August 5, 2016

Fantastic Fest 2016 First Wave Is Coming Up Indian

Fantastic Fest has been a delight of a film festival since it came out twelve years ago. The Texas based fest starts up again in September from the people behind the Alamo Drafhouse, which will hopefully have a new theater up and running fully in LA next year. It alongside Fantasia and a few other film festivals set the standard for strange new films to take a look at. Instead of whatever mainstream film is out there a lot of indie darlings and just weird pieces of work come in.

This year the festival has the theme of Indian films. A strange market that can mix three hours with musical numbers. The selection so far shows three films to look at from India with names to get you excited. Psycho Raman, featuring hyper violence with a cop and criminal in an all out war. Joined by Magadheera; reincarnation and dirt bike racing.Khalnayak; redemption for the worst of us.

The start of this Indian selection annoucment is joined by Tim Burton's version of the X-Men, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Burton will be there as a special guest. Let's hope he can talk to human beings still instead of making the background look really cool.

The festival is getting quite a few horror films fans have been looking forward to. The Void has been on many horror site lists for the premise of a gateway letting monsters in. It's joined by We Are The Flesh from Mexico; in what seems to be a dystopian future two siblings get to build a strange looking hive possibly made of "..." for a weird guy. From Thailand comes The Dwarves Must Be Crazy, bringing to life many monsters of folklore from Asia including a floating head with it guts attached.

We can't wait to see the rest of the films announced and the rest of the guide up. Check out the rest of the first wave here.