Friday, August 5, 2016

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review: Ooh and Ahh

Hey ladies! And then the music makes jangle noises. Then we all laugh.

Oh, I'm already... Gal*Gun: Double Peace is now out in the American and European market in English, at least the text is. This is the game, the notorious game where you shoot girls...with love and the go, "Ooh," and "Ahh."

There's a "Mom Mode" where you press down on the L3 and R3 so the screen turns to what looks like an old-school RPG is being played instead of you being hit over the head with fan service.

Fan Service Galore could have been the title, but it just wouldn't work with the Japanese Engrish and how silly the game gets. There is a mode, Doki-Doki Mode where you can touch the girls with the touch sensor on the PS4 or the screen of your Vita. If you touch the girls in the right places they'll climax with pleasure and give you two peace signs. So that's where we get the double peace from.

Without Doki-Doki mode your on a rail gun shooter around a high school shooting girls with ecstasy shots as they declare their love for you.

The story; like you really care, has you playing as Hodai, a high school student who has an angel fill him up with all the love he'll have in his lifetime. So, if he doesn't find a girl today, forget about marriage, just worthless sexu....Anyway, this boy's got game and the game is to stop all these girls who are in love with you so you can find the right one? Oh, and the school has a cute demon in it and two childhood friend's of yours, a couple of demon-fighting sisters who are there for you to try in fall in love with or what have you. It's a dating sim along with a shooter. A shooter where you can zoom in to see the panties and bras the girls are wearing.

Playing this game is very simple. On the PS4 you'll be moving around your aim with the left joystick. Firing with square, holding it down for a heart-shaped charge shot. R1 let's you zoom in, ya perv and let's you get clearer shots.

The game takes very little time to beat.  It's replay value is instant, there are different paths; different mini-games to unlock, like rubbing a girl out of window or helping them up from a glue trap. There's accessories to buy for even more perviness.

The DLC is already to ridiculous. You can get 'Angel's Cutting Board' if you like girls with flat chests and 'Demon's Meat Buns' if you like them big boobies. There's the crazy $89.99 'Pheromone Z'
where the sight zoom can see through clothes instantly.

Other than seeing the constant awkward positions of the girls and hearing the sounds they make as you erotically shoot them with love is the look on the face of friends you let play the game or watch you play the game. That look is priceless. The game?

We're not sure about the price tag of $59.99, for the PS4 version, but that's how much everyone else is charging for a new title on the system.

This is a perfect game to just ponder on. Ponder isn't the right term. It is a game you'll want to see where it's going, because I didn't expect the evil carrots to be so naughty. For the girl who cries out; no idea what that means, get this game for all the silly.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace on PS4 and Vita
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