Monday, August 22, 2016

Sony, Snatch as a TV Show Is A Dumb Idea, Fire the Executive Whose Doing It

Announced today, Sony wants the Snatch TV show to fail immediately by giving it to Crackle. What's Crackle, yeah, that's my point Sony. Crackle is the online trash can of Sony's attempts to have a version of Netflix. The garbage that some how became two Dead Rising movies you don't remember came out on the network(?)

Now Sony is poised to create at TV show based on a movie that I love, known for its visual flair, great cast, violence and cheeky racism into a cheap show on the internet?

Just stop making anything Sony other than video games, that's all you can do.

The series will be 10 episodes long, be one-hour each and stars Ron Weasly as the main character, someone named Charlie Cavendish. It'll be directed by Nick Renton, who has the IMDB page you would think of someone who has no right to make the show. No original cast & crew involved? Set for 2017 it will last a ten episode season, as already ordered, then fade away for being awful.

Try looking up the story on other sites and check out all the bad clip art for Snatch as no images for the show exist yet.