Friday, August 5, 2016

ScareLA Weekend: Witch Wand War, The Curse of the Coven: The Game

Witch Wand War, The Curse of the Coven: The Game is the very long title for this year's LED game from Gantom Lighting. At least we believe it is. Details are small, but last year Gantom teamed up with Reel Guise Cosplay and created a most enjoyable zombie game around ScareLA. Last year you had to avoid zombies or your LED badge would turn red turning you into a zombie, which led you infect more players on a quest to visit certain booths.

That premise has been thrown out the window for a witch battle between light and dark witches. And it looks like it's been given it's own area for battles.

It's one of many experiences that includes ScareLA's own haunt, Blood Offering : Legend of the Iron Witch and way to many escape rooms.

If your just prepping for Halloween, want to know what will be around for SoCal's theme park haunts or just like scary things it's going to be the premiere place to a bat, this weekend.

Scare LA
Aug 6-7
Pasadena Convention Center
$tarts at $30