Thursday, August 4, 2016

LACMA You Killed My Dream Of People Dying In Tar Pits

LACMA maybe should have kept quiet and just went with the new del Toro exhibit opening up this week. Instead, it presented a new design for its makeover and it looks ugly. Where the last design was going to have part of it over the tar pits and have the museum look like sort of a ink blot from the sky, which we loved because movies would rent out LACMA and have scenes where people would fall to their deaths into the tar pits, were getting a gray building that has a bridge over Wilshire street. Eh.

Now, I'm not sure if Wilshire just wants to be hated as theirs already construction on it right now, but with the Academy museum to be done and LACMA going up in a few years forget every driving down it. No one is going to visit you Whimsic Alley unless via flying brooms.

The new alien looking and overall place with no place to put a trap door into the tar pits gives you a feeling of meh.

source LAist