Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dangerous Golf Review: I Miss Burnout

What I playing a moded version of Burnout? If you've ever played Burnout, the destructive racer, then get ready to play with some balls, sorry, can't stop making the bad jokes about it;balls! Golf balls! It's a kooky, insane game with gasoline thrown into the fireplace. I've played the game multiple times and still really don't get the controls and I don't care, my friends don't either. This game is just you smashing a golf ball into rooms, then adding fire to it, then doing it again.

Say hello to KROCK's Styrker and to Dangerous Golf. A major update recently added the voice of the well known DJ indigenous to the LA area to explain the game at the start. You might remember him from the Burnout series or the radio. He was only the start of cars be replaced by golf balls.

So the game takes you to different locations around the world. Sometimes a restroom, a gas station, kitchen, a room filled with fancy valuables and classy art. These rooms need to be destroyed. How so? With your golf ball that explodes.

You'll get to aim your ball at enough items so that it can explode again and you'll have "control over it." Now, you do need to destroy enough of a number of items to get to explode so you do have to aim for a certain amount of objects. With the two joysticks on your controller you'll move it around knocking over plates, paints, urinals and what have you creating a huge mess and a fun.

Here's where you can pull of tricks, aim to unlock another room to go back in time. Wait, what? Yeah, so while playing co-op mode, where you and a friend work together to get high scores, I traveled back in time. So the main goal is to get more and more points from destruction. Now traveling back in time you keep your previous points and get to smash everything again all new to rack up even more points.

I've seen someone accidentally hit the ball of the camera and crack it. I mean the TV screen. You can actually have your ball hit the screen your watching on and it breaks it temporarily. Laughs.

In the end however you have to make the ball get in the hole or half your points go away. It's not too hard you just need to make sure to have the ball have a way into the hole with a line of sight or a ricochet.

More gets unlocked as you play like a laser sight and the ability to stick to walls and then fire off those walls or ceiling.

As the bottles broke in the winery or the fires started at the gas station I didn't care very much how it all worked. I just new it was ridiculous fun.

The only downside might be the reminder of the eleven member team that brought it together. Yeah, we know you're a small team, don't remind us every time we start to play. Other small teams exist and don't tell everyone about it.

Upside is up to four players on the couch or up to eight players online. So you can destroy the world together when you travel to France, England, Australia and America. Though why it matters is a questions as you don't really go outside and see those countries or that the places you visit don't look very different based on the country.

It's simple, the game is Burnout, but with golf balls. Get it for fun.

On Steam, PS4, XBOX one.

Reviewer was provided game by publisher for review purposes.