Saturday, December 5, 2015

Petersen Automotive Museum Preview and Photo Gallery

The look outside comes from testing the aerodynamics of the automobile, each undulation of steel showing how a car might cut through the wind. The metal ribbons that surround the redone Petersen Automotive Museum make it stand out on the Miracle Mile and brings back of how revved up LA was when it first opened in 1994. In 2015 the museum is like a whole new model, the design outside reflects a major change to the inside.

Each floor takes on its own life, the first floor is Artistry showcasing some of the most beautiful looking cars from different eras. Symphony music plays as you see a long screen behind the cars filled with stars. Models from so many eras sit around you. The gift shop isn't far and the new restaurant, Drago will be opening its doors Spring 2016.

Up the stairs in the center of the building you'll go to the Industry floor. This might be the most jam packed section of the museum. For children they have the brand new Pixar's Cars Mechanical Institute. Children will be able to learn how a car works and with provided tablets build an Augmented reality race car all in the guise of the movie Cars. By going to different sections of the museum industry floor with numbered placards they'll unlock all they'll need to build their cars.

Forza Motor Sports takes up space on the floor, you'll be able to jump in and race on many racetracks around the globe is Microsoft's latest realistic racer. The Forza Motorsports Racing Experience was having some fun with those previewing the museum listing the top race times on the Top Gear race track. You'll jump into a special motion seat to play. No word if they'll have more special races with top times later, let's hope.

Still on the same floor a break down of how cars are put together. Some space for the Art Center College of Design out of Pasadena, where some students were plotting out concept designs of vehicles or just surfing the internet.

Precious Metals might make your jaw drop. This Silver only showcase shows off some of the most beautiful and impressive looking cars clad in the precious metal. We hardly wanted to leave the room, we just wanted to study the designs of each car. Some of which are only one-of-a-kind models.

The same floor has hydrogen fuel cell cars on display.Only water emissions anyone? From the earliest models to the latest, the Japanese Mirai, this section explores cars that don't run on gas.

3rd floor is  the History section and from the iconic cars, The 1989 Batmobile or the Aztec from Breaking Bad, to the earliest automobile made in California you'll have to circle around to take in every car. From some of the most iconic cars from film and television, they have the latest Bond cars from Spectre, to just seeing how much cars have evolved from being a horseless carriage will open your eyes wide. The Batmobile, still reigns supreme for fans of the Dark Night.

The top floor, the Penthouse, shows the LA skyline wrapped in metal. More than likely you won't get to go to the Penthouse up top unless a special event is taking place.

Be careful about parking, just for a preview day the entire garage was filled up and it's three stories at least.

This huge change to the museum must be taken in by the local LA resident at some point, it must be seen. The automotive wonders within outmatch the LA Auto Show. That's why we find it so odd there was no connection to the opening and the show as there a mere week apart. It may have been construction as we saw work crews still busily finishing up work. What has already been finished and has had all of the town talking finally opens this Monday, Dec 7, 2015 to all.

Check their site for a complete breakdown of the exhibits going on now.

Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

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