Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Moonbeam City, Please

Moonbeam City's final episode of the season was yesterday. Only ten episodes and somehow creator Scott Gairdner had us meet all of the main character's families, killing fathers half of the time. With a clear style that screams 80's neon and with naming out of the same era with lazer added to much of everything- there's a fear that the show's first season is its last.

Its final episodes were cast into the the time frame of 1am, which many believe is a death sentence for any cartoon series not airing on Adult Swim or Toonami, even in the time of DVRs. With such a short season it's questionable that's its run ends so late from its previous time of 10:30pm right after  South Park. People's fears have grown and there's already a #SaveMoonbeamCity circling online. 

TTDILA has loved the idea of the show since its announcement and development since 2013, only at the end of 2015 did we finally get the show promised for more than two years. Now, after all that work it seems foolish to let it got.

Moonbeam City's art style has shocked online from the simplest of convenience to the locations that shows 80's retro art beyond it's best-as though it was just on a movie poster from the time that never came out- and has it looking different from any other show on TV. It's like looking into a sunset on the most mundane of topics. And as the show might say, "But, those topics...are deadly."

The talent of of Elizabeth Banks, Rob Lowe, Kate Mara, and Will Forte putting out lines so dumb and nonsensical and sexual must continue on. The writing of these plots makes it hard to predict what will happen next from a robotic dolphin penis saving the day to a prison falling in love with a man after scanning his butt so often.

We at TTDILA want to hear that a second season for Moonbeam City is a go as soon as possible. We don't want to have to wait another two years for more episodes!

Damn, I hope Mondo or someone cool handles that Blu-ray release and cover art.