Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Animation Breakdown 2015, Outrageous Video Games III Will Probably Suck

Rick and Morty Live sold out before even getting out to the public, so if you wanna wait outside to see it, enjoy the cold.

Animation Breakdown 2015 start this Thursday and has some very little entertaining things to see. Unless you're an animator and this city is filled with them and very lonely sad people...like other animators.

Wait, isn't Outrageous Video Games part of the Everything is terrible festival? Wait, yeah it has been in the past. Now it's tacked into animation breakdown?

No, this event needs to remain in the Everything is Terrible line-up, because it is. The experience and the host make it terrible, not the games. When you're given materiel as good as the Cheetah-Men and can't build a show around it you suck.

To be honest the show is simply someone showing off bad games and sometimes letting the audience play. The host usually lacks any charisma nor plans out any jokes or skits. The UCB and other improv clubs around LA have successfully made fun of video games by playing game characters and audience participation. This show lacks any of that quality, or in general anyone funny on stage. I recommend coming to hate it and verbally saying how bad it is. Yell at the hosts on stage.

Here's a breakdown of the breakdown

Thurs 12/10, 7:30pm: Opening Night: Animation Breakdown Roundup!
Thurs 12/10, 10:00pm: An Animated Evening with Lance Bangs
Fri 12/11, 7:30pm: Rick & Morty Live!
Fri 12/11, 10:00pm: Belladonna of Sadness (L.A. Premiere of the Brand New Restoration!)
Sat 12/12, 12:00pm: MOUSE-TERPIECE THEATER: The Art and Artists Behind Disney’s “Mickey Mouse” (2015)
Sat 12/12, 4:30pm: Karel Zeman: Adventurer in Film + Inspiration
Sat 12/12, 7:30pm: Loren Bouchard Show & Tell
Sat 12/12, 10:30pm: Outrageous Video Games III: My So-Called Second Life
Sun 12/13, 12:00pm: High Five!: Creating Nickelodeon’s “Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket”
Sun 12/13, 2:00pm: Invention for Destruction aka The Fabulous World of Jules Verne
Sun 12/13, 4:30pm: HBO’s Animals (w/ The Duplass Brothers in person!)
Sun 12/13, 7:00pm: The Ace of Light: The Films of Sky David
Sun 12/13, 9:45pm: Undervolt & Co’s Experimental Animation Mixtape