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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Console Wars Art Online, Miranda Dressler Dumb

Dave Pryor "Playing For Keeps" 

Gallery 1988's Console Wars art is now online. A great collection of art inspired by Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis. Our recent fav artist, Scott Balmer even has a new piece inspired by Strider and it's 70's poster art cool. In regards to this post title, we do like the work of Miranda Dressler, check out her Etsy page, but Banjo Kazooie came out on the N64, neither SNES or the Genesis. And this art show is Genesis and SNES, lady. Get your gaming era right!

* Mike Maas is also dumb for his piece of "Selfie with Snorlax" from N64's Pokemon Snap

The mistake is below.

Miranda Dressler "Bear and Bird"

Scott Balmer "Strider Hiryu, you will never leave Eurasia alive"

Stacey Aoyama "Back to Basics"

Nate Bear "Mega Awesome Control Pad vs Super Rad Controller" Print Set

KOMBOH "Eye Contact" Print

Jackie Huang "Mario Kart 64"

       DrilOne "BoBomb"