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Monday, December 14, 2015

Hulu Presents Seinfeld: The Apartment Festivus Fan Experience

Oh joy, we can take selfies inside the Seinfeld apartment! After a run in New York, a new improved version of the the apartment is coming to town, specifcally in West Hollywood. You don't just get to take pictures in the apartment and relive your favorite moments there. There will an aluminum Festivus pole lot, to celebrate the holiday season in the worst way, from George's holiday pain. And items from the show will be on display like to celebrate all nine seasons being on Hulu. This is a limited time offer, but is free, so head down there this week or miss all the Festivus cheer.

Update: Hulu shared what's at the exhibit

Entrance Hallway Wrapped in some of the most memorable quotes from the series with museum items from the actual set of the iconic series.

The Festivus Pole Lot “It’s a Festivus miracle!” Celebrate the fictional holiday created by Frank Costanza in a Christmas tree-style lot featuring a selection of Festivus Poles and quotes around all things Festivus.

The Kramer Apartment Peephole Referencing the episode “The Reverse Peephole,” fans will be able to look into the peephole and see clips of Kramer.

The George Costanza Photo shoot Recreate your own “romantic” photo shoot inspired by the photo Kramer famously took of George in “The Package” (season 8, episode 5).

The Entrance Fans can recreate their very own Kramer-style entrance into the apartment.


Hulu Presents Seinfeld: The Apartment Festivus Fan Experience
December 16 - 20, 2015 10AM – 7PM

8445 Melrose Ave

West Hollywood, CA 90069

*Street parking available