Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why is there no 3DS XL Launch Event here?

One could consider Nintendo one of the stupidest companies for the constant strange practices including the new 3DS XL launch without a charger. Add to that no significant launch parties around North America, except for New York.

If you remember years back to Universal City Walk, all the way back in 2009, you might remember the amazing launch event for the DSi. The event had hug fan fare, giveaways and artists from iam8bit signing special goodies.

Now skip to 2015, the Gamestop in Universal City Walk is dead and looking over the internet the only launch party is at the Nintendo World store in New York. There's no love for LA fans, even though Nintendo of  North America is based in California.

You can check out midnight releases at Best Buys and Gamestops. Just remember the Nintendo cares very little to put a Nintendo store anywhere in LA and fans no longer deserve a Club Nintendo.

The 3DS XL comes out Friday the 13th, best of luck Nintendo!