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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kickstarter LA: Werewolf House and Unjust Plush

LA Gamespace will you ever open? No, probably not.

Noses will be triangles in Werewolf House, the new card game wanting to come out from Kickstarter. The well-made cards, wrapped in a screen printed cloth, inside a rubber-stamped box, filled with shreds of natural wood, lets you play a game with more than with a few friends. You need at least seven people to defend your village. Werewolves are taking away villagers once per night. If you're a villager, figure out who the wolf in sheep's clothing is. If s werewolf, team up with other wolves and keep eating people.

What does set the game apart is the lovely art making fun-but not legally binding- of well known TV and movie characters in a style that resembles much of the art of the internet where noses are triangles.

Get the card game for $25.

We sure as Hell don't care about the message, but love the designs of the mangles animal plushes in the Unjust Plush campaign going on now. Something about awareness was mentioned, the only thing I'm aware of is the whale's spine is showing.