Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cartoon Network Upfront Doesn't Explain Powerpuff Girls Reboot, But New Shows

Cartoon Network Upfront showcases what will be returning and coming anew to the network in the coming years to advertisers and investors.

Scheduled for 2016, we still have little to no details on the look, the creative force behind it or really anything of the Powerpuff Girls Reboot. From gleaming what's been said online, "a full licensing program slated, " don't get your hopes up. Very strange that there's no prelim art work online.

It brings tears of joy to our eyes to finally see what Kyle A. Carrozza has been working on: Mighty Magiswords. Take a brother and sister team on crazy quests to gain magical swords and you have only some idea of the show. We can't wait to see it on the air.

Another new show has a crazy premise, three bear siblings, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, try to act human. It's called "We Bare Bears."

-Adventure Time has a miniseries. A PB experiment releases ghosts from Marceline's past.

-Regular Show: The Movie, will just be on air. Enjoy a time travel, made-for-TV episode.
We Bare Bears

-Long Live The Royals comes from Regular Show's Sean Szeles. It's a take on a reality show with a royal family, possibly made possible by adults liking Game of Thrones.

-Strangely, because Adventure Time makes more sense, there is to be a Steven Universe/ Uncle Grandpa Crossover Special? Uncle Grandpa visits Steven to help him out in unlocking his abilities.