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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scr*w You David Fincher The Next Aliens Film Forgets Your Movie

In a recent video circling online, it's been revealed that Neill Blomkamp's' next Alien film will forget Aliens three and four. It's essentially a big f*ck you to the directors and writers of those films. They were hated so much by fans that they are to be forgotten. I remember James Cameron being asked about the franchise at an LA screening, he directed the second film in the series. He was not going after Fincher directly for his overall work, but he did say how important it is to keep the characters from previous installments in the film. You have to love those characters or at least know fans want to see them again, is what he basically said.

Fincher did not. Don't cry for Fincher, he owns House of Cards.

But please, please have a marine named Fincher get killed by a xenomorph in the next film, Niell. Just have his shirt have Fincher on it.

*Neill could do a terrible job at this, Chappie isn't looking too great and Elysium was terrible.