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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review I Named My Character MajinB00bs

Dragon Ball Xenoverse freestylin.'

New Dragon Ball Z animation!

New enemies to fight!

Time travel is alright!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse why is there no rap song at the start?

No, cut the freestylin'

Are you serious, you couldn't get a rock anthem for the game? Cha-La Head-Cha-La sounds stupid in America.

Dragon Ball
Xenoverse is available now for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 at a MSRP of $49.99 and PlayStation®4 and Xbox One at a MSRP of $59.99. The game will be available on STEAM on February 27th for $49.99.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is Bandai Namco smashing older games from Japan and abroad into a new DBZ game. Even though Frieza doesn't sound right to me and there is some questionable tutorials, the game had me punching Raditz a hundred times in the head for fun. For the DBZ fan, it's not Budokai 3. It is playable with hours of content with a story sending you back in time to fight people who turn purple. And as we all know, when you turn purple you get more powerful. This is not a game to take seriously, that's why I named my character MajinB00bs.

The game story has you battling through time with the help of Trunks, DBZ's resident time traveler and cool moves with swords guy. You're set to fix problems of time in the DBZ Universe, very much like the Japanese arcade card game, Dragon Ball Heroes, more on that in a sec. Shenron, the magical dragon that can grant any wish, brings you to Hoki Hoki town, I mean Toki-Toki City. We need more cities that are the same name twice. Welcome to Dragon Ball Online, the MMORPG, though it's really not. If you have online connectivity though you can fight and team up with friends who have the game.

Xenoverse is a fusion of previous games in the series. Two that it resembles the most are Dragon Ball Heroes, a Japanese arcade card game, and Dragon Ball Online, the know closed Dragon Ball online RPG that was very successful in South Korea of all places. Dragon Ball Heroes has had fans teaming up with Goku and friends for years now. You'd relive famous battles from the story and fight alongside the DBZ. You customize your character as well. DB Online is seen in the game right away with the town of Toki-Toki City, the different races you can be and spouting fast short phrases to NPCs for no reason, instead of real speech. You can use it when you meet up with friends or fighter online too. It looks so much like an online rpg in Roci Roci township when walking around, while not online, that it's a bit drab.

Trunks needs you, you create your own character. MajinB00bs, the sexy female version of Majin Boo was my choice. You can take your pick from Humans, Sayains, Namekians, and whatever Frieza is...naked space chameleons. Now like Doctor Who or any placeholder for someone who goes back in time to fix things, you must fix past DBZ history. This will get some laughs from fans as moments from Dragon Ball are ruined suddenly and forever for you, watch when evil wins. Seeing Raditz dodge Piccolo's Laser Beam Cannon killing Goku only and then the Namekian, too tired to move, just standing there taking a blast from Raditz is a bit distressing. Who wouldn't want to watch all your favorite moments from the series go wrong?

This all happens after your villain of choice turns purple. Which in many anime and games means you've been poisoned, but here means the bad guy is now more powerful. Purple, the color meaning you've been poisoned or time has.

Time to kick butt. Gameplay has you pulling right trigger for your special attacks like Kamehama or Special Beam Cannon. After pulling the trigger a screen pops up with the attacks you have available based on how much energy you have left. Block with left bumper, right bumper let's you lock on to enemies so all your attacks hit the right person instead of thin air. Left trigger let's you speed up to face an enemy. Hit the enemy after a good combo and launch them in the air to be instantly smashed two more times. There's just something about randomly appearing to hit someone. Life, ki (energy) and stamina all play a factor in how you play, so watch them so you don't run out of any or you'll simply die or not have the energy to fight.

Parallel Quests or "random fight" with anyone takes place out of the main story. Any fighter or scenario is up and you have to kick butt. You'll play these quests to earn Zeni and power-ups.

Master with a master. You can also get a master, though only true master to me is Master Roshi. Basically you spot a DBZ character and can train under them while in Moki Moki-ville. You'll get there "Z Soul," and there special move if you do so.

Does Goku have vibrating skin? Problems in the game do include the odd CG cut scenes with very bad English lip sync and character's skin vibrating while being still. Dimps might have not paid for a full amount of visuals for a character's expressions, so Goku's angry face is kind of his face for all other emotions. For a next generation game you could complain about the graphics. It's nowhere near perfect looking. Bandai Namco is not known for wonderful graphics, but anime games coming to America.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is another incarnation of the DBZ game series. Will it be remembered? With a Steam version you can mod, yes. I recommend that version of this game the most for all the free mods and skins they'll have out to change the look of characters. It will add hours of fun for the player.

The look and the feel of the series is in the game... in parts. The game could have had better gameplay and look. Xenoverse, without a Z, will go down as one of the more silly games in the series. Remembered for how strange it is. Bring on the b00bs with female versions of your favorite DBZ fighters and whatever weird stuff starts coming out.

*You can select Dragon Ball Abridged's Nappa as a custom character voice.
Reviewer was given copy by publisher for review purposes, 360 download code.