Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ubisoft Snubs Annie Awards

...As one came to pick up their video game award at the Annie's last night. As the duo of Garfunkel & Oats were saddened and said something along the lines of, "not again" the audience wondered why no one from Ubisoft came to pick up their award for best game. It wouldn't be the only award Ubisoft didn't pick up that night.

Ubisoft won first for Best Game with Valiant Hearts, a puzzle adventure game set during World War I. Mike Mennillo won again for Ubisoft for Assassin's Creed Unity in Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation. We've already joked about how even being nominated for this category showed how out of touch the Annie Awards were. Assassin's Creed Unity was known for widespread problems when it was released, including people missing skin on their faces, a big problem for anything nominated. The game has you working with friends in killing the rich and powerful during the French Revolution.

This is not the first time that video game nominees have not come to pick up their award. That's why Garfunkel & Oats weren't so surprised when on one stood up. Sony and Thatgamecompany were not present to pick up their award for best game. Playdead for Limbo also did not come to pick up their award in recent years.

More and more likely we at TTDILA will have to pick up the award for these companies and just keep it on our mantle, it's not like they would no they won.

Funny enough, Mike, the winner in Character Animation did know he was up for the award. We assume Ubisoft just forgot to send someone.