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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toy Mandala a small place to nerd out

        When it get's down to it the store has nothing drawing me back to it. The store could be anywhere. It has nothing for me to want to come back. I guess I like personality in the place I go. But, the place is such a hodge-podge or Frankenstein of so many items. It's like a Suncoast Video or a FYE store. It's a place I'd visit in the mall if I were bored. Not a place I'd ever make a trip around, more like a place to visit if you finish lunch early or have some friends with you.

 Toy Mandala
Sherman Oaks:

14555 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Mon - Sat 10am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

West Los Angeles:
10800 West Pico Blvd
Store #267
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Toy Mandala(Sherman Oaks) is a small store jam- packed with Otaku items. They had a movie playing called Extreme Cop or Exxxtreme- Cop. It was about a cop wearing cybernetic dragon armor fighting bad guys. It looked like a movie to watch with friends and laugh at.
If you want I broke down what the store has below. It has everything a comic shop might have. The only difference would be a much wider selection of cards and action figures. From time to time that get fun gasaphon and mini figures from Japan. Lastly, comics aren't recent they seem to eventually get new titles.

Read below if you want a more accurate breakdown. But you really don't need to. It's just

 Games wise they don't seem to have many imports. They do have used section and take trade ins. It most likely will go to store credit. Prices seem to be the same as and Gamestop.

Toys and Figures:
            One side of the store is just action figures. From multiple games, comics, cartoons and movies. I'm talking a entire wall  up to the top. They might have a better selection than Toys'r' us of different series. They have more figures scattered throughout the store. They have a huge collection of plushies.
          Statues and bust are displayed up front. Small selection.

Comics and Cards:
          There are a few problem with the place. For one, no new comics.  That don't seem to get regular shipments on Wednesday. They also don't carry that many titles, so don't bother asking. What they do have is a huge selection of trade paperbacks and manga. Usually they have crates for comics or manga on sale.
          Cards, cards and more cards. This store has a huge...gigantic... well, it has quite a lot of cards. Brand new series, old school pokemon. The even have card tournaments in back on Sundays.

Clothes & Etc.
           The store has goofy anime hats and some funny t-shirts in front that  don't suck as bad as hot topic's selection. Weapons are also for sale. Both cosplay and real weapons. The guns are only airsoft, but they have real katanas and daggers. They also get nice little anime key chains and figure they keep behind the counter.They get mini figures and gasaphon likewise displayed behind counter.

Service & Cleanliness:
          Friendly and helpful staff. Just ask them if you need anything. There usually not in a rush and can talk to you. Someone was trading in a Mario Galaxy 1 game. They guy behind the counter showed how the coloring on the cover spells out MR. GAY. They also have a Neo-Geo arcade machine. Art-books for video games and anime. Posters and wall scrolls.

It's clean and doesn't smell. It's not modern or that nice looking. The front murals are starting to fade.