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Monday, July 26, 2010

Brand X F UP

I had no problem with the article just the awful picture layout. Because if you look at where I've circled that's a picture of Anime Expo not Comic-Con. Brand X the local free newspaper for generation X had a nice article about how Comic-Con has become less fan based and more of a hodgepodge of tween entertainment, long lines and comics and their creators  being pushed out. The same article told of a Creator-Con that hasn't gotten past a Facebook community chat, but might bring comics and their creators back to the convention scene where they can talk and interact with fans again. That ain't no picture of Comic-Con or any con mentioned.  I know this because I went to Anime Expo.
Here'a bad picture I took of Funimation setting up the booth. Also the article mentions, just mentions Twilight. Couldn't they have used any other pictures? That twilight picture is from last years Comic- Con too. If they had acces to old pictures of Comic- Con why didn't they use them.


 Here's the picture they're using on the online article. Look at how shady everyone looks except Wonder
Woman. I want it as a comic cover with the title " Someones Guilty" . I guess it's slightly better, but it's not a Creator-con logo, Bam!

I just find it funny when newspapers and magazines mess up