Thursday, July 29, 2010

Museum of Jurassic Technology Why Are You Liked on Yelp?

Your exhibits are old and falling apart. Your strange, but not strange fascinating. Strange like a hobo that I don't want to talk, too.

You are the epitome of a tourist trap.

            Let me save you some time. Don't go. This place is like a tiny museum that's dilapidated. The strange and funny exhibits that people fawn over aren't worth your time. Just look on the Internet and you'll be more entertained than this place.

           You enter and leave from the gift shop. It's free, but they ask for donations. I decided to give money if I enjoyed the place. I gave them no money!

       Broken down the museum has very odd exhibits that sound more funny than they are in real life. There's the Mobile Home and Trailer Parks collection. They have a collection of old wives tales and superstitions with bad exhibits for them. Think poorly done taxidermy. They also have takes on bible stories.
               Some areas are so poorly lit I almost tripped. One area has some sort of noise maker of bells that is more than annoying. I don't know who can stand bell chiming non-stop. Many exhibits don't work properly anymore.  Some halls and rooms just end and it's annoying to go back with people blocking your way. I was shocked that so many people were actually visiting the dump.

The water flower exhibit was one of the only jokes I enjoyed and I'm guessing many people don't get.

 I hope someone calls a pretty flower  Otaku-like or because of this very Yaoi.

They don't have there own parking lot. Don't even go for laughs with friends. It just a tourist trap.