Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bandai has bad power point presentation. Internet and computers not so good at Anime Expo

Well, K-on was announced by Bandai today. There getting a english dub out as fast as they can.

Haruhi fans have to wait till august for the next season. Haurhi-Chan is also being dubbed,but has no release date. The Haruhi movie is also being dubbed to be released sometime in the future.

Christina Vee voice of Haruhi got up and sang twice which was strange cause not enought people were exciteted to see it.

Sadly the presentation was held off, by the head speakers powerpoint, just not working. It's funny to see someone in front of a big crowd go, "Let's go for a fourth time", sad.

It was also sad to see that  Black Lagoon's Roberta's Blood trail had to be played on a Playstation 3. Are there no dvd/blue ray players for the panels to use? Sound also wasn't syncing up at the start of the event.

However the animation by Mad House was great. I've actually read the manga of this story and it's dead on.

 By the way they even announced High School of the Dead was coming to America . The best way to describe High School of the Dead is a zombie movie turned into a anime. Which is strange because the Viz Media Panel probably should have. Also Hellsing's finally coming back dubbed. If you don't know Viz bought Geneon. Strangely Geneon survived and became Geneon Universal a subsidiary of Universal and I think co-produce some of there old  properties.

Update: I was a bit confused before, but it's seems Sentai Filmworks owns the North American righs to High School of the Dead. I don't really understand why it was shown as a preview at the Geneon Universal showing of Black Lagoon.