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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dwell was Butts

A week before Anime Expo I went to the Dwell Design Expo. It was a huge waste of time. I thought I'd see innovative new housing and brand new home products that made life easier and were ascetically pleasing. Instead I got a lot of butts.

To be more clear the whole expo show is worthy of your butt paying attention to it and even then they didn't having any good chairs.

            Like this semi-folding chair that rocks when you move it. The problem with this chair is it can't lock into a flat form. It sways. Initially, I tried picking it up and unfolding and refolding it because I did like it's design, but some jerk salesman at the gift shop came up and kept explaining how it closed and opened to me multiple times as I closed and opened it correctly until I got so pissed I started, quite loudly saying the chair could kill  babies and pets then demonstrated how it's swaying would kill any baby or pet who was on the floor. The salesman left in anger and stormed off. That was the best part of Dwell sadly.

Also for guys the chair could sway and hit you in the balls if you pick it up. So unless they figure away to lock it in place when it's flat it's worthless.