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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anime Expo Day 2

I'm so tired and there was so much to do today I'm just going to give some quick shout outs.

I just wanted to say Anime Expo has something for everyone. Gaming, Karaoke, Card Playing, Model Making, Movies, TV Shows, Panels, Contests, Art, Plays, Concerts, Shopping for hard to find products, Cosplay, Stand-Up and even more stuff I can't think of.

Anyway here I go

Nabeshin is the best special guest Anime Expo ever head. He's as funny as the anime he makes. He's fans are even funnier. You know your having a funny time when one of the questions is, "How much Pocky can fit into your afro?"

This usually doesn't happen either a Nabe HA Ne HA like a Kame-Ha-Me-Ha

Plus other stuff you had to be there to enjoy. Nabeshin did express he wished to turn Excel Saga into a live action show which sounds awesome.

The first Otaku play at Anime Expo Kisaragi was great. The story is 5 Otaku come to mourn the death of there idol Kisaragi and while going over there fandom realize her suicide may have been a murder. They play was simply stunning. It's one of those stories you have to wait for the end to pay off, but it's so worth it. I hope this becomes part of the following AX's. More Otaku plays please.

The Mell concert rocked hard. Mell who you might now as the singer for the Black Lagoon Anime gave a great show with so much energy. She had the worst English though and it was so funny to hear her try and say stuff inbetween songs. It was like a Martial Arts movie came to life every time she talked.

Here are just some quick pics
Hard Gay Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Bowser

oh J-List you scamps

I'll have a bunch of interviews and big posts probably after the expo. If your in LA head down and have some fun. Today and Tomorrow.