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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jonathan Monk is a prick

Gamescenes gave a short post on this artist idiot's "work"?

He put an xbox 360 controller and a wii controller in clear plastic boxes... way to go.

You suck, dude. You suck

I love this set up about the exhibition on the gallery's site.

"Jonathan Monk´s artistic work has its origins in the contemplation and alteration of previously existent creative concepts: forms of expression derived from pop art, minimalist and conceptual art appear equally as strategies and parodies in his pictures, collages, objects, installations and films. In the process of quotation and simultaneous modification of the quoted subject matter Monk´s work shifts between memory, imagination and a tangible condition. The artist attributes a distinct temporality to the individual piece, while raising the validity thereof to question – often in a humorous way.

(Now read the rest with a silly voice out loud)

In his current exhibition Jonathan Monk is showing fourteen different electronic devices from the area of home entertainment. Powered speakers, a flat-screen monitor, an iPod, a radio alarm clock or an interactive video game console ..."

there's more here

the gist of it is that now the devices are behind plexiglass you'll give them more thought maybe consider the problems of consumerism. I know some friends of mine would interpret differently like the time that went into designing the devices and making them look accessible and ascetically pleasing. Or maybe some friends would recount some video game laced memories of joy. Which the so called artist may have overlooked. Other friends would just say, "This is stupid, it's a damn video game controller behind glass."