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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Right Guard Can you hear me!

Dear Right Guard Marketing Team,

You have a great chance to get rid of the stench of the smelly and stinky at the Los Angeles Anime Expo. I believe your presence is need in the highest regard, these otaku (fanboys in Japanese) at time reek. They sweat from their pores on such a level a river of bad odor extends around the building.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Blood and I need your help to make this Anime Expo better. Could you have a booth at Anime Expo 2010 or just give samples as the Otaku enter. I believe you will be seen as heroes not to just the 5 women attending Anime Expo, but the sweat masses themselves. I will try my best to be the link between you and the Anime Expo staff. To get you do what you do best. Getting people to smell fresh.

Damn Fresh!

Here is the Anime Expo Staff e-mail addresses. Please help the nerds and fanboys smell their best when they stare into the endless void of Anime and Manga (porn or fap material)

So please e-mail me back

Jonathan Blood

Things to Do In LA

I sent this to Right Guard, now I want you to send your letters to right guard too. Tell them their needed at anime expo.

Contact Right Guard form through Henkel apparently Right Guard is a subsidiary.