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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buy Thursday Anime and Opossums

Why not buy a Anime Expo Pass in advance.

Yes the largest Otaku event in North America is happening in a few weeks, so why not get a pass now.

It seems pricing has slightly gone up this year. It's best to buy early and save some cash

One Day is $35.00 if you order in advance

on the actual day it will be $45.00 so save ten dollars and get one now

If you haven't gotten a pass before it takes somewhat longer than an average ticket online. Set aside a few minutes to fill it out.  Your name will be displayed on it. (If your name sucks put a alias you just have to prove you purchased the pass when you get to the expo. You can prove this with your credit card and or printout information)

You can go for the full four days if you like, right now it's 75 bucks, but worth it for the different content on each day

Anime Expo has been a delight the last few times I attended. I do recommend some tips

*shower and where deodorant, tell your friends also
*the food sucks, it's overpriced and not even Japanese, head out and try LA Live or walk a little to you find a cheaper location, hope onto the Metro if you got the day pass and just grab a snack anywhere
*bring a bag with drinks, your gonna get thirsty
*cash is king, just have cash ready
*deviantart exist in real life, yes you can meet real deviant artist and they"ll do commissions
*bring a camera, some weird and funny stuff happens.
*there's gonna be yaoi, if you don't know what yaoi is and you like girls don't look at yaoi
*try and make new friends, this is the motherload of otaku events, you"ll meet someone who has common

Here's the pricing guide again and a link to Anime Expo's registration page

Four Day Adult Attendee Pricing
Regular (May 1, 2010 – June 30, 2010): $75.00

On-Site (July 1, 2010 – July 4, 2010): $85.00

Two Day Adult (consecutive days ONLY): $50.00

Two Day Adult On-Site: $60.00
One Day Adult (any of the four days): $35.00
One Day Adult On-Site: $45.00

Anime Expo Registration

I'll have more info leading up to anime expo as it gets closer

Rocket Knight Returns!

The classic Konami game returns from years of never having a sequel. Try the demo, which is now available on both the ps3 and 360. The game will set you back 15 bucks. Well worth it for a fun platformer with the main character being a opossum with a rocket pack who's a knight. I say check it out for yourself.

Check out the video below