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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lost Planet Marketing is Now A Go

Lost Planet 2 had a party at the Hollywood Roosevelt last Thursday. So did the LA Times, maybe you shouldn't be having parties in the penthouse when you aren't selling well.

Anyway after getting handed a numbered card I was free to wonder Hollywood and look who I found.

The line wasn't really needed as the numbered cards were given in the order you arrived so you were allowed entry before anyone based on the order in which you came.

Someone from D3 publishing had this schwag for some reason.

Eventually 8 hit and we were allowed in. I entered and immediately got in line for the special event only, you can't get anymore Lost Planet 2 t-shirts that were made in front of you. You go to choose the color and monster to  put on them

Yes that Akrid Ski ball and look below at what you got if you were top scorer of the hour. My score was 210, the winners was 290 first hour. The machine was so cool. I wonder how long it took to make. I'm sure it'll be in the Capcom offices lunchroom now.

The demo was up and running showing of some new great mechs and levels. Team battle was the most fun to me. They had a huge are set up so everybody could get a chance to play.

Olivia Munn was even there as previously posted. She hosted the celebrity tournament, to be honest and didn't know any of the celebrities. At the end of the event everyone was given a salamander plushie as they left. It wasn'y keychain sized either it was a real plushie.

The event was brought together by Capcom and I am 8-bit productions. Which is interesting because they just held the Super Street Fighter Event just a couple of weeks ago. There upping their marketing game.