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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Best Worst Movie Troll 2 hits LA

These two movies will be hitting LA May 21st at the Nuart Theater

Nuart Theatre

11272 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025

The first time I saw a clip from Troll 2 was on a Halloween comedy shoe at the UCB theater. The point of the show was comedians would bring in the worst horror movie clips they could find and make fun of them. A comedian brought a clip of Troll 2 and said I don't even need to work tonight this clip will do it. He was right. I immediately got Troll 2 on Netflix and saw one of the worst horror movies I've seen. This is one of my highest it's so bad it's a good movie recommendations to friends.

The plot is insane and makes no sense. It just goes on acid trip to Mars. I mean it's the future and a drug can actually physically transport you among the stars. The actors are strange looking. They'll make you go don't I know that guy, but they haven't worked in years.

As film student it made me wonder how it was ever produced and finally a answer comes in the form of Best Worst Movie. A documentary directed by the star of the movie who was a little boy at the time. Director visits he's old cast and crew and the director who spoke Italian where everybody else spoke English

Special Event at the Nuart Theatre (Los Angeles, CA):

Filmmaker Michael Paul Stephenson and film subject George Hardy will appear In Person Friday, May 21 at the 7:30 and 9:55pm shows. They will also appear Saturday, May 22 at the 7:30 and 9:55pm shows
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The movie will then play multiple times during the week.