Saturday, May 15, 2010

Artist Answers

 LA Times article via Super Punch

It seems the main singers/actors for a new series of plays for LA's Opera House are genuinely perturbed by their clunky costumes and unsafe stage which is at an odd angle. The singers/ actors are performing The Ring/Der Ring , a tetralogy (a series of 4 linked plays) that supposedly help inspire Star Wars. The director of the plays Freyer has given no statement yet, but everyone else has. And, boy are they preachy and patronizing and childish.

Here's some you might enjoy:

"The psychological dimension is outsourced to other forms of expression, like the lighting. It's hard for singers to understand the context of scale of what he's doing," said Christopher Koelsch, the head of artistic planning

My level of trust has been severely dented," the tenor said. "I can only open myself up to a certain extent now."

It takes years to be able to sing a 'Ring,' and to just toss this all away — he doesn't say it in words, but his gestures speak louder than words," she said. "To have that not be important to him is very insulting.

Instead of discussing these problems early on these people decided to bitch to the media. However, the article reveals the director and creator of the strangely designed set doesn't even seem to be in LA during the actual play nor cares about anyones opinion. This only proves to me that actors can be jerks
TO GET TICKETS FOR Der Ring and possibly see a performer get seriously injured check out the link.