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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in Sky's World: Legend of Zelda

Last Saturday I checked out my friend Sky’s art show. You can still check it out at Las Cinegas Projects it was the first time I got to see his new pieces up close. What you’re seeing are Legend of Zelda weapons and items brought to real life. They’re extremely detailed and almost so real you want to pick them up and grab them. Sadly, like Plato’s theory of the forms you can never actually touch them. That might be why all the pieces are called Unrequited Love Object then a number. Sky explains the treasures are unattainable in real life because they are in fact only truly pixels. In bringing versions of the items into are plain of reality Sky put the items behind glass cases making them once again unattainable in the real world.

Having a love of many video games and the in game items (I’d love a real question block that gave me coins) it does make you think a little about how you could always just buy a Legend of Zelda sword replica or a statue of the Link, but it’s just a replica, a facsimile of what you truly have in your head.

I really hope Sky can one day become part of the I am 8-bit art show, not that rip off that Giant Robot has called the Game Over art show. If you don't know both shows showcase video game inspired art and 8-bit did it first and is more popular. I think Game Over is a total rip-off, but I must admit I love video game art, so I guess it’s okay it exist it just can’t hold a candle to I am 8-bit.

Be sure to check out Sky’s recently redone sight and his actual art in person. My favorite pieces you can see are (emerald hill zone, act two) (then I shaved myself and masturbated) (it’s dangerous to go alone) and (sadness isn’t necessary when it can be deleted). The names alone make you want to go to his site.

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