Thursday, February 25, 2010

They call it Zombie Girl

Emily Hagins isn't your average young girl at the age of twelve she wrote and directed here first movie. That movie was about zombies. Emily made Pathogen a zombie movie only a little girl could make about insane flesh eating monsters.

Playing Friday til March 4th head to the downtown independent and see Zombie Girl the documentary about a 12-year-old directing here first movie.

I've watched the documentary online and let me say it's priceless. Watching a little girl struggle to make a real movie is funny as Hell. As a student film maker it makes it even ... man just too much glee. You won't really question that the movie Pathogen took two years to make, just factor in how much free time a 12-year old would have and a overbearing mother's vacation time.

251 S. Main St.Los Angeles, CA 90012

Zombie Girl: The Movie
26 Feb. - 4 March
Fri. 26: 7:00*Sat 27: 2:30, 5:50, 7:40*Sun 28: 2:30, 5:50Mon 3/1: 5:50, 7:40Wed 3: 5:50, 7:40, 9:20Thur 4:5:50, 7:40, 9:20

Q&A with the directors and Emily!! on *

I haven't seen Pathogen also playing at the Downtown Independent, which use to be the ImaginAsian theater two years ago before it went out of business. If only ImaginAsian showed more anime there, they''s still probably be around. Anyway what could be more fun then seeing a creepy movie directed by a kid who has had no schooling on film.

Friday, 26 February 8:45pm

Saturday, 27 February 9:40pm