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Monday, February 22, 2010

Site Change

Hey Things To Do In LA readers.

I'm going to be changing the site and maybe update it more

I'm going to be doing more doodles on the site and they"ll now be a schedule of posts


Will now have a interview or a story about a event I visited or maybe show off some future work of mine. I'm a student film director/writer living in LA how cliche.


I"ll be posting events in LA


I'll share links and strange stuff I find online

Will also be stuff 2 by Thursday, reviews on movies and games 2 by


Will be a review of a local store, restaurant, or business or secret of LA

I'll probably randomly post at my leisure

Once again for who gives a damn. I created this blog to post cool events happening LA mainly so I don't forget myself that they are going on. Secondly, the site is to promote my work and my interests which include rare movies, video games, local LA art scene, u know otaku stuff. The local art scene is a huge interest to me .I'll try to maybe show off more artists work or interview them.