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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruby Spears Superman

Ruby-Spears Superman

I know Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths just came out, but if you want some silly and actually entertaining Superman cartoons this collection is for you. The real silliness comes from it being a 80's style cartoon so think if Superman was written by G.I. Joe. Let me state right away Superman is a bad ass in these cartoons. He fight monsters, aliens, robots and mutants with ease. Sometimes his feats of strength or just comical like pulling a wooden floor back together fully intact which is impossible. Superman isn't a super carpenter.

Stories border on the ridiculous let's just say Jimmy and Lois aren't the world greatest disguise artists. The show did capture how they should act. Every charcter acts they way they would in the comic, no suuden charcter changes.

Like I mentioned stories border the ludicrous including Superman fighting a nautical based villian whose secret base looks like it cost more than the villian was actually stealing. Lex Luthor has some episodes, too. A quick interlude of dialogue for Luthor to tell you how they captured his essence.
Lex's assitant: Your gonna blow up the wall of China after you just bought it?!
Lex Luthor: Well, it my wall!

Old Superman rogue Prankster forces Superman to play a baseball game againt robots after he steals the last game of the World Series. Yes, the prankster steals the World Series. My favorite has to be when Superman tells a bunch of crooks to surrender or else HE'LL THROW THEM INTO THE SUN! Yeah he was bad ass in this short series.

You even get Wonder Woman showing up and making Lois jealous for a episode. A lot of the excellent writing or at least entertaining can be attributed to Marv Wolfman of Teen Titans and X-men writing fame.

So check it out Ruby-Spears Superman