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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chiptune Concert in Little Tokyo

Wow, totally out of the blue via simply one of the best video game sites online Tiny Cartridge is news of a Chiptune workshop right at the Japanese National American Museum this Saturday at 2pm. This is just a great add-on to head to Little Tokyo and see the Giant Robot exhibit in the same museum. Actually it's the reason why a chiptune workshop isthere.

Anyway if you don't know chiptune music is music made using old-school sounds from gaming devices like a gameboy and old computers, u get some strange beats that are roughly like techno music. Overall it sounds fun and after your done listening to professional chip tune artists they'll let u make your own music using gameboys.

Then head over to Chop Suey at 8pm for a real concert of chip tune bands. I highly recommended this totally artistic, Japanese, video game experience for your pleasure this weekend.

P.S. print out the flier to save money.