Friday, November 27, 2009

Things To Do In LA Gift Guide

It's finally time for the holiday gift guide of what cool gifts to grab around LA or the net, if you don't have the cash and don't want to pay the insane sales tax we have in LA use Amazon. If you wanna go to some new places to shop for exquisite gifts look no further then here. For this list shall be awesome + awesome equalling two times the daily requirement you find on a list such as this.

First off lets go to video games to get this Holiday season a pumping with them Christmas juices( not excluding Hanukkah)

Here we go!, Will be said a million times in this game and you'll like it. This games features the old school game play that I enjoyed growing up playing Super Mario World. This game just makes you happy to see Mario go back to hist roots. The new features are party like fun when you add 3 firends. The game completely changes making some levels much easier with friends are more complicated as they might accidentally shove you off a ledge. Throw you into a enemy or have Yoshi eat you. Strangely when you die and have no more lives you live on in the game as annoying sounds. Yes, you wii-mote because a hellish annoyance to your friends as the 1 and 2 buttons have become a soundtrack of a clown honker and people clapping. So your friend can just keep pressing 1 and keep honking throughout the damn level. This annoyance subsides with just the great game play, colorful enemies and backgrounds, and some of the best multiplayer found on the Wii. Sadly this is probably the only game you will buy for the Wii for the next 6 months as it has nothing coming out.

Wow other than that there isn't any other game worth buying this December to me. I'd rent Left 4 Dead 2 and while other care for it Modern Warfare 2 doesn't appeal to me.

Don't lose hope though there might be other games or game related stuff your friends or family may want and I'm going to tell u the best places in LA to find them