Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things to do in LA Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween! If your looking for some last minute fun for Halloween head over to

Yelp Halloween Events LA- In LA we have Halloween dance parties with dj's and smokin hot chicks to a dress-up your do costume parade in Burbank all happening today

Don't to also check out Creepy LA for even more events and go check the October archive on the right side of the site for other events I posted happening a few hours from now.

If your throwing a last minute Halloween party here's some great choices below for something to watch and enjoy. None of these are kid friendly in fact if u showed these to your kids u'd be a awful parent.

Murder Pary-What happens when a lonely guy finds a mysterious invitation to a Murder Pary on Halloween.? Hiliarity and sheer horror and a lot of artist angst.

This is a Japanese Horror movie so it's insane. There is no way to truly describe how insane this movie is or how much fun it is to watch with others. A story about zombies, pro-wresting, rivalry and mermaids that makes no sense whatsoever.

Save the best for last. What happens when gas prices get even higher. Blood Car shows us . It might not be what u think or it could be all I know is the movie is one of my favorites for it's gore and strange plot.