Saturday, November 28, 2009

This week in LA

Giant Robot shows no signs of stopping even though it's not that old or a human being or a actual robot , but a magazine and store chain. Anyway head to their shop on Sawtelle for a book signing for a book I might pick up called Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants:Tokyo and a Post it show which is a art show where you can pay for little post it notes of art from multiple artists.

Giant Robot

Next a show that I more than find a bit akin to my wants of LA. Unique Los Angeles( Love the flyer's tag line: Buy Local!) . Unique LA is a independent design and gift show where you can buy locally made products sometimes from well known artists. It costs cheaper than buying stuff in a store or online. Does cost 10 bucks for entry, and 6 bucks to park but worth it to see all the different products. You will find something for everyone you know. Sadly this takes the place of Felt Club which was another local gift and art show that had many great products ... hopefully they"ll come back in 2010.
Maybe the best for last the LA Auto Show is back filled with strange new models and car dealers giving away cool swag. The auto show can take a full day to look at all the beautiful different models. Check out the web-site below to get a coupon for 2 dollars off the admission. Bring some cash and just eat outside of the convention center cause the food is just terrible and overpriced.