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Monday, November 23, 2009

Touma Exhibit After Party

I loved the anime inspired logo for this small restaurant near D- Con. The food however doesn't seem that inspired so I didn't end up eating here
So after D- Con a friend and I walked the streets of Old Town Pasadena. Heads up lot of nice Men's fashion stores as well as a lot of Women's Fashion stores and a lot of other places to eat and check out. Anyway due to a friends hunger we had to go to a diner to get a pumpkin flavored limited time only shake. Due to my friends hunger we got to the Touma Exhibit.

Touma's work really isn't my thing but I love little after parties and artist get their own little show is always nice.

Touma I guess is the artist name wore a mask of one of his characters so he couldn't be identified. I have no idea why , maybe he tags stuff. It was strange to just be in a small room with someone with a bear head drawing in a corner.

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